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Fashion for Modern Fairies!

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You know what, I think we all are the modern Fairies!

Each and every one of us can work wonders!

We work wonders at home, as wives and mothers, juggling between breakfast, school, private lessons with the kids, dinner and ... husband! We work wonders at our jobs, taking in responsibilities and management positions, with our dedication and perseverance! We work wonders with the way we look, managing to stay fit and fresh and, most of all, graceful and feminine! Age for us is just a number, it does not speak for us, and there must be some fairy magic here, also! We keep our youthful spirit along the years and feed ourselves from the beautiful experiences that we live. We are not afraid of dreaming, of loving, of enjoying our womanhood, without giving in to any constrain that we have not ourselves set.

And, as modern fairies, we need proper clothes! We need clothes that show the power and delicacy that make us who we are! We need elegant, feminine, wearable, ageless and seasonless outfits.

And this is where I come. I am designing clothes for all the modern fairies out there! I think of you when I choose my fabrics, when I draw my sketches, when I drape and cut the fabric, when I choose the embellishments and finishing, knowing how much you value the quality of every detail. And I listen to you, all you need to do is talk to me!

We are all living our own fairy-tales, let’s make them stylish ones!

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