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NEW! Introducing The NEVERLAND Collection


Using as inspiration J.M. Barrie’s story of Peter Pan, the collection builds on this famously read children’s book to convey a feeling of never ending magic and playfulness. Through the shapes, the cuts and the colours used, the designer means to create a bridge between childhood and adulthood, in an attempt to break the conventions separating the two. After all, when does childhood end? Perhaps it is when children stop believing in fairies. Neverland is a place of belief. As long as we keep our believes positive and bright, we can still enjoy pure moments of happiness, unaltered by the burdens of adult life. Bows are used extensively, in almost every piece, enhancing the playful vibe of the collection. The simple, but perfect cuts, the flowing shapes and the breath-through natural fabrics make of this collection a versatile and wearable one, in keeping with the high quality standards of the brand.

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