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The power of the choice


In a world dominated by consumerism and mass production, the Romanian artists and fashion designers struggle to survive and grow their businesses. The competition they face is fierce and apparently, they can’t possibly have a chance. The truth is that their one and only chance stands with their clients and their commitment to make a smart choice when deciding what to buy. Everything we buy and wear is in fact a statement about who we are and what we believe in, so it’s high time we gained awareness and made smart choices, choices that can make a difference.

We are all aware of the problems that the mass production for global fashion brands generates, in terms of poorly paid fashion workers and over pollution, but this awareness doesn’t seem to substantially change our buying behaviour. We still have a general tendency to favour international brands over Romanian ones.

While in the past it may have been true that global brands provided better quality, times have changed and our local brands have definitely upped their game and they offer us the opportunity of a smart choice.

Here is why:


Independent Romanian designers will always have something special and different for their customers to buy that they can’t buy from a global fashion brand. The one thing that only small brands have is exclusivity. Local designers help push fashion forward, ask questions that matter and bring new ideas to the fashion community. When you buy from an independent local designer, you know you can have something special and unique.


When you see a garment tag that says “Made in Romania”, it tells a story about this country and the kind of lives people live here. The local designers’ collections are portraying the current design style of this area and the people that come from it. They make people aware of the inspiration behind each item and how it was made. Locally made fashion is accessible and can give customers the transparency that the fashion industry desperately needs.


The great thing about supporting independent small businesses and designers is that you have a voice and your opinion matters. They will ask for your opinion, they will listen and adapt. Small business allows for connection, and isn’t that what it’s all about?


Most of us know that shopping locally is good for the economy, because more of the money you spend stay in the community. Local designers employ Romanian manufacturers for the production of their lines, thus sustaining and creating jobs locally.


Everything you buy has travelled around the globe at least once. Raw materials come from every corner of the earth, shipped from country to country for assembly. Isolating at least one part of that process (manufacturing) helps the carbon footprint of an item. Locally owned businesses can make more local purchases requiring less transportation, which generally means contributing less to traffic congestions and pollution.


Supporting small makes a big impact! The more you support Romanian businesses, the more it allows success not only for the company but also for the community. When Romanian businesses grow, it not only directly keeps money in the community, but it also makes it possible for more opportunities to be created, such as jobs, events, and growth. When a small business is successful, it makes it easier for the success of other small businesses. It’s like when a small business can be successful, it radiates the success to everyone else in the community!

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